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Solar panel installations require proper maintenance and care. Shine Through Windows can keep your solar panels free of dust, dirt, pollen, and mildew year-round to ensure your solar powered home is operating at maximum efficiency. We use cleaners that are safe for your solar panels and home. Get a solar panel cleaning estimate today!

Our solar paneling cleaning services benefit people who have solar panels in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Long Island. When proper cleaning procedures, solar panels are able to absorb energy more effectively and efficiently. However, if you have a general system, you’ll have to follow a cleaning schedule in order to remove dust, bird droppings, and other environmental hazards that can harm the shiny glass material on various solar panels. If one dropping or a light coating of dust rests on a small portion of a solar panel, overall performance will drop, and the only way to restore a filthy panel’s overall efficiency is by cleaning the soiled surfaces with professional-grade solar panel maintenance tools.

Information About Environment Hazards

All environment hazards can impact a solar panel’s harvesting capabilities. The main hazards that block sun rays include:

  • Bird droppings: Bird droppings produce stains on solar panels in the spring and summer. During these seasons, the bird population is typically higher, and large groups usually leave dropping as they fly over panels in suburbs, neighborhoods, and rural areas. By working with us, you can operate your solar system confidently throughout spring and summer because we’ll perform inspections in order to pinpoint and cleanse high risk zones where birds produce droppings that can interfere with the solar panel hardware.
  • Dust: Dust is a problem that you can’t avoid as it always generates gradually on glass surfaces over time. The big benefit is that a light wind gust can remove some dust that lingers on a solar panel. However, in order to eliminate large patches of dust that block UV rays before they’re absorbed by solar cells, you’ll need to wipe away the dust particles. We simplify this solar panel washing job for homeowners by using commercial-grade tools that are designed to strategically grab and trap large and small dust particles on solar panels.
  • Oil stains: Oil stains can generate on solar panels that are installed on residential roofs in highly populated areas. These stains usually cause problems more frequently on houses that are built close to an airport or by a major highway. Thick and thin oil residue builds up on glass in these areas because the air quality isn’t ideal. As planes and vehicles travel around solar panels, smog hovers over the glass material, and this pollution creates an oily layer. As dedicated solar panel technicians, we get rid of oily stains by using professional-grade cleaners with isoproply alcohol.

    Our Practical Solar Panel Cleaning Service Methods

    Because customer satisfaction is very important to us during all projects in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Long Island, we go above and beyond in order to give every homeowner professional results. For example, since the weather can impact the cleaning process, we strategically cleanse stained panels when sunlight isn’t shining directly on the glass surfaces. This tactic is very beneficial as it prevents smearing that usually occurs when water and cleaning agents are evaporated too quickly in a hot environment. If a solar panel washing job requires thorough cleaning procedures, we’ll try to begin a project in the morning. During this time, dew typically generates on solar panels; after the dew settles on soiled surfaces overnight, it gradually softens tough grime.

    In order to use your solar system, you’ll need to keep the panel surfaces clean and tidy. If you want to let us tackle this job, contact our customer service department today. We proudly serve homeowners in many areas throughout Long Island, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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